Does he get sick?

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Ok, I see a bunch of fanart were he's sick and sleeping in the same bed as Conner, using him as a half-pillow. I know Conner brakes his arm when he's under control, but does he get sick afterwards or something?

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Not to my knowledge... Its fan art, they just want an excuse to draw yaoi.

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He doesn't have superhuman immunity or anything so yeah he can get sick, as for fan art....well never listen to fan art.....ever

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you and your gay fan art.

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@ReVamp: @BlackArmor: I know it's yaoi, I support that couple because they're like the DC versions of Wiccian and Hulking from Marvel. It's a common picture I see, so I wasn't sure if the scene came from the comic or what, so figured I would ask.

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@Billy Batson said:

you and your gay fan art.

This cracked me up!!!

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It's gross. There's no reason for it. It's just people wanting an excuse to be perverted. Those that make a case that Tim is gay are making flimsy arguments at best.

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since young justice started you can never go and get a picture of any teen hero while feeling good

it makes you feel horrible and i think they're not really very big fans if they do that.

but sticking to the thread have you read RHTO 3 where JASON's ill and batman takes the night of to watch tv with him

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No he eat's his vitamins and say's his prayers every night like Hulk Hogan told him too and it prevents him from getting sick.

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