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Tika was born the daughter of the magician known as Alleran Waylan and one of Otik Sandeth's barmaids. Her father ran out on her mother, who simply couldn't take care of her, and she was adopted by Otik. There is another story that Tika's mother died during childbirth, and was raised by her father. She began work as a barmaid for her adopted father Otik in 346 AC, at the age of fourteen. Otik owned & ran the Inn of the Last Home. She had always had a fascination with magic and admired Raistlin Majere for his ability to use magic. Though she admired Raistlin, she adored Caramon Majere and always flirted with him. She also had a great fear of heights for some unknown reason. Tika is also known for her loveliness and kindness. Her fragility in love has given her some disadvantages at times.

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