What part of Tigra would be the most fun to tickle?

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Since my "What part of Tigra's body do you think is the most beautiful" thread was a huge hit with posters, and since I haven't done a Tigra tickling thread for quite a while, I want to ask you this, Tigra fans(and anyone who doesn't like this thread, don't post on it, plain and simple). If Tigra were in the mood to be tickled and you were with her at the time, what part of her would you get the most enjoyment out of tickling while she laughed incessantly and liked it? Her feet? Her sides? Her belly? Her underarms? Or is there some other part you'd most enjoy tickling on Tigra? Give your opinions, all who reply, and like I said, if you don't like this sort of thing or this thread, don't post.

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"Comic book guys are creepy"

"Wth...says who??"

"This thread"

Haven't been a fan of tickling others since i was about....6

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@BlackArmor: no. just moderatly creepy.

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@KainScion said:

@BlackArmor: no. just moderatly creepy.

More like really creepy
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Why don't you just be honest. A girl in a black bikini wants to be tickled and you can tickle any spot.

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I'll be honest if I was in the position to tickle I would.

and the belly of course.

But this thread is a little creepy

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Honestly her stomach,But this is creepy.

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Well it is creepy but I would tickle her sides then I wouls scratch her behind her...... Ears. I always thought Tigra was cute.

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LOL Sick.

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