What if Tigra were to get fat?

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As a Tigra fan, I enjoy the character a whole lot. And, for whatever reason, I want to ask this question about her.  
What if Tigra was to get fat? What if Greer Grant Nelson were to, one way or another, really gain quite a bit of weight, and although she wouldn't be Blob-level fat, there would still be no denying she put on a whole lot of pounds and her blubber capacity was massive? A gigantic belly with her tubby belly button sticking out, plenty of rolls, of course, and nicely thick legs, arms, cheeks and a fat neck, tail and body in general. 
If Tigra were to get to be this kind of a big, fat cat, what would be your opinion on the matter? I'm well aware this will never happen, and frankly, I'm glad about it, because at the end of the day, I like Tigra the way she is. Beautiful, sleek and lovely. All the same, though, I can't help but be curious as to what your view would be if Tigra were to get flabby, tubby, obese, corpulent and ponderous. 
So let's hear it, then, especially my fellow Tigra fans. What's your feelings on this matter?
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You mean like her brother Garfield?

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hmm Big Bertha in Tiger print outfit im guessing ...eww *shudder

#4 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13857 posts) - - Show Bio

what if you made a thread that wasn't inherently pervy or creepy?

the world would never know.........

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What if ?

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Perhaps it is needed, is her body type an endomorphic, mesomorphic, or endomorphic? She is a mom so gaining weight would be normal.

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Then she would be fat and probably less effective as a superhero but no less valuable as a person.

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Fetishists would get off to it. Gah. Now you're reminding me of that obvious fat-fetish thread from a while back. Ugh. The Emma Frost picture still haunts my nightmares.

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waiting for that Dr. Spy dude to respond to this...

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@danhimself said:


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I guess she'd have to go on a diet or find some 'chubby chasers.'

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You mean fat like Garfield- doubt it- superheroes are required to be at least as fit as Olympic level athletes( and infinitely more so than even special forces members like US Navy SEALS, Army Rangers,

Delta Force, Recon Marines, British SAS/SBS)!


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I feel like the OP likely saw those obese Cheetah fan-arts on the web and was inspired to this. I don't know, sometimes a thought is just a thought in fact?

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she could be more deadly like Bob from Tekken if she can still hold her speed.

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