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The story: 'There's no '$' in T - E - A - M' The Tick and his super-hero teammates have lost their sole means of support: Barry's credit card! Their clubhouse was destroyed by Barry. They need a new meeting place and this means raising some money---and quick. How about auditioning new members? That means enrollment fees and membership dues---money in the bank! Enter: THE MULTI-MILLIONAIRE! This super-hero has just one power but it's a powerful power: LOTS OF MONEY! Plus being a successful millionaire he's got a lot of good ideas for improving the team! Like how about finding a competing team of super-villains to fight against? A cooperative bunch who are willing to schedule their crimes at a convenient place and time? There's no reason why the super-hero lifestyle can't be ... comfortable! So commences a story so BIG we need two complete comics to tell the tale! THE TICK'S MASSIVE SUMMER DOUBLE SPECTACLE 1 & 2 sprawls across FIFTY pages of story with tons of heroes and villains some newly introduced here! Not to mention an awesome multi-page battle scene which culminates in The Tick 'commandeering' a pirate ship to pursue desperate super-villains who have hijacked a cruise liner!

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