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This four-issue monthly limited series begins with the new millennium!

40-page black-and-white comic (no ads!) with full color covers. First of a four-issue monthly limited series. Text and art by the entire NEC Press creative crew of artists and writers. NEW material by Sean Wang... Bryant Johnson... Dave Garcia... Gabe Crate... Tak Toyoshima... Marc Silvia... Clay & Susan Griffith... Mike Oeming... Nathan MacDicken... Marc Sandroni... Christopher Scott Fields and others!

THE TICK CIRCUS MAXIMUS is the updated new edition of THE TICK'S GIANT CIRCUS OF THE MIGHTY... which was the original 'encyclopedia' of The Tick Universe. But it came out way back in 1992-1993 and is now almost EIGHT YEARS OLD! Time for an update!

THE TICK CIRCUS MAXIMUS is a completely revised and updated version of the classic but aging 'CIRCUS OF THE MIGHTY.' The four issues of the new series (160 pages total with NO ads!) will cover nearly THREE HUNDRED different 'entities' (heroes... villains... organizations... buildings... 'ordinary people'... etc.) who have appeared in any Tick Universe comic between 1986 and 1999. That's 13 years of coverage! Each article will feature newly revised text accompanied with updated artwork. THE TICK CIRCUS MAXIMUS will include loads of all-new artwork created by our Tick artists... as well as classic scenes from the original comics. There are lots of reasons why every Tick fan will want to buy THE TICK CIRCUS MAXIMUS:

Detailed articles on nearly 300 Tick Universe characters!

Artwork for nearly every entry; much of it brand new!

Lots of interesting and useful 'stats' included... such as 'first appearance'... 'super-hero-ness'... 'current status'... height... weight... hair and more!

Detailed cross-references to related entries!

Detailed references to appearances in the comics - by issue and page !

Includes 'sneak preview' info providing hints toward future Tick stories!

Many more surprises!

THE TICK CIRCUS MAXIMUS is sure to be a big hit for the Year 2000!







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