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The character has been used in different ways as relates to John Carter.


Her first appearance was in Four Color #437. As each version of the character is different and by different publishing companies, every incarnation of the character could be considered to be her first appearance.

Major Story Arcs


Thuvia is imprisoned by the Thern called Sator Throg. She was repulsed by his advances. As punishment, he throws her in a pit with Banths. Because she had a pet Banth once, she has a way with them. She calms them. Amused, Sator keeps her around. At some point, Thuvia is sent to death. Therns out the flesh of Red Martians, but only after their blood is sucked out of it by Plant Men. John Carter and Tars Tarkas prevent her death and free her. On their way out of the prison, which is built upon a temple, Thuvia comes across Sator and shoots him in the chest.

Powers & Abilities

Like all Martians, Thuvia displays low-level telepathy and psychic powers. She is able to communicate the Martian beasts known as Banths ever since her captivity among the Therns. She is also a accomplished fighter.

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