Why isn't Thundra used more in the Marvel Universe?

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I know that she's a big part of the red hulk story arcs but i can almost gurantee that she'll disappear after its all done, which is sad cause i see so much potential in her character and besides that she's a badass, i've always thought that she would make for an interesting avenger. Is anyone with me on this? oh and if you havent heard of Thundra look up her page on comicvine, its awesome :)

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@moviegeek17: She always kinda seemed like a 70's ish kinda character to me. From a future where men and women are at war, she's like an ultra-feminist. Then again 70's characters have been making a comeback lately so why not?
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I'm aware of that but i think if her character had some time to develop then maybe she could evolve to something more along the lines of an antihero/wonder woman type of character.  Maybe its just me but i definitely see some cool potential in her
And yeah if old movie characters from the 70's can make comebacks then why not 70's comic characters? lol
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Yeah, it would be really cool if Thundra got a spot onto the new avengers. That would really interesting to see how she would react to the changes that she'd face, thatshe might pick a fight witha teammate or two which would definitely make things interested in terms of team dynamics.

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It seems Marvel wants to promote the She-Hulk as their strongest female character and thus Thundra has been left in the background.  Marvel has also recently decided to promote Ms. Marvel (another '70s feminist character) as their marquee female character, their answer to Wonder Woman presumably.   This might make sense to a point, but why let a great character like Thundra with so much potential languish while oversaturating the market with She-Hulk?  Hasn't she had enough chances in solo titles?  Maybe fans would prefer something different.  Lyra (the green Thundra) seems to be their next attempt to advocate a She-Hulk.  Why combine Thundra and She-Hulk when Thundra is already a great, unique and under-used character readily available to fill the role (her old role, by the way) of Marvel's strongest female.  It's time to give Thundra a shot.  With the way modern artists depict females and the latest coloring applications the potential for a beautiful publication is enormous.  I'd hope whomever wrote the book would be able to present the character in a way that would resonate with a lot of readers so she'd have her own title or even ongoing appearence in a team book for a long time.  It's time Thundra got a shot. 

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@moviegeek17:  The things is that she has nothing special, she does not shoot laser beams or has some ridiculous powers to the normal fan she is just another super to fan like you and many other she is potential
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yeah youre right, but i mean how does wonder woman get so popular? well partially because she is much more recognizable and came first of course but its also cause there were writers who cared about the character enough to do her justice and become popular. I just wished that some writer could do the same for thundra. they never seem to use her to her full potential. some great stories could be told with her. at least in my opinion anyway
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@moviegeek17:  I would go as far as to say  her motivation are nearly villainous and while I'm peachy about it most people don't like it and while also Wonder Woman was willing to accept man in her life it was the fact none of them were enough Thundra got short fuse about that
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you see their actually not, she's from a different society a more aggressive one. and when her world was threatened she tried to do just about anything to try and save it hence her battles with the thing. in my eyes she's more of an antihero to me she does whats best for her people but she wont take crap from anyone. i actually have started a fan fic about it if youre interested in reading it i could send you a link to part one if you want.
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@moviegeek17: Again in your eyes, most people (not including myself) are going to see her as an extremist who is willing to do anything to save her planet and while that good that can also be bad, sue I be interested in reading it
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yeah i understand that, and i really tried in this fan fic for the readers to see her persepective on things and why in her eyes she has to do the things that she does. i currently have posted 3 parts of the story so if you like the first part then you will love the next two. thanks for the constructive criticism i do appreciate that. and if you could tell me what you think of it after that i would really appreciate it. thanks again!
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@moviegeek17: I be more than glad to read and tell you what I think about it but it seems is rather popular be itself.
One of the thing I like to see about Thundra that think everyone else would like to see is background on her, not her world, not what she fought. How she feels and why she feels that why? Could it change if she were stuck in alien planet and so on.
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funny you should mention that. that is just what im trying to. i want to explain her origins and show how she became the way she is now. i have this story planned out to be 6 or 7 parts. right now i am on part 4 and by the end of this story arc im hoping it will show people why she became this way. it would be different if she was anywhere else thats the sad thing about it. but the way her enviornment was and the waay i have things playing out really change her views of her world, men, herself and everything else
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@moviegeek17:  We need more people like you who are interested in the character to work in Marvel media and take that character one step forward I mean many underrated characters like Swamp Thing became incredible characters under the right writer who knows what to give to the readers with nice combination of when, how and why
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thank you. that means a lot to me to hear that. i also think that more writers with passions for underrated characters need to step up and make stories that make people appreciate them. thats what ive been waiting for with thundra. i mean i always felt like she was underused and for the most part poorly written and yet somehow i felt drawn to her character, in a different way than i feel towards my other favorite heroes like batman and spidey. i think the difference was, was that writers have been using batman and spidey for the most part for great stories. but thundra wasnt, and i could see this great potential in her character but i couldnt understand why nobody else saw it or was doing anything about it. but i figured someone would so ive waited for a while and still no one has really tried anything on her character so i got so frustrated one day that i decided to write her story. and i figured if i was going to write her a story then i was going to do it right so i thought up the story, the characters, the villain, the emotional impact, everything big to the story cause if i wasnt going to do it the right way and do her some justice then i might as well not write about her at all. at least thats how i feel about it. sorry about the rambling on lol
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@moviegeek17: The problem is not that there not passionate there not fans of the characters their writings which makes a HUGE difference, I can kill every last member of the X-Men by having them get in conflict with the Defenders and Avengers and be very passionate but I'm not a fan of the characters so who ever I ruin which the writer does not see as ruining them, he just continue the story. The other things is that character your talking about are staples child losing his parents, teenager growing up with his grandparents seen life not fair and so many others...it hard for someone to sympathy with time-traveler-dimension-hopping-feminist but if anyone can do I'm sure you are the one
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yeah i agree, soem of the things that theyve done to spidey for the sake of a story make me cringe. and yeah i have my work cut out for me but im up for the challenge, if i can make even one person become a fan of this character then i know that ive done something right. so what did you think of part 1? hopefully i can back up what ive been talking about doing. these are mainly rough drafts and if i ever get to present them to like marvel or anyhthing i would polish them up a bit lol. but it gets the job done for the fan fic. ive had so much fun writing her character that its been worth it just for that
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@moviegeek17: I just recently commented on part 1 and yes you were able to back up all you said to me and more, your quite the writer
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thank you very much. i hope you enjoy parts 2 and 3 as much as you did 1. do you want me to send you the links?
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@moviegeek17: I greatly welcome that
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ok here it comes 
part 2
hope you enjoy it 
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@moviegeek17: thank you
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@Leliel: anytime, just tell me what you think of it when your done. i would love to continue our discussion about this story anyway, i love talking about it with the readers. i love hearing different perspectives. you know what i mean?
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@moviegeek17: I do understand. First I must ask did you get the name of Lyra from actual continuity or did you base on the existing character who is the daughter of Thundra now?
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you see the beauty about what marvel did to thundra was that the gave her the vaguest origin possible so i have the most amount of leeway to do as i please while remaining true to her character and to provide a good story. i actually got lyra from two places one is thundra's daughter and the other is apparently in an earlier made marvel book about femizonia before thundra even existed. i extensively studied evrything i could about her and her world before i even started to write this thing 
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@moviegeek17: I like how you turn the most worse possible thing, a vague origin into a something positive that can be use for the right thing with develop the character
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Thanks. i have to admitt it's been a lot of fun creating an origin for her, and i think by the end of it the readers should be able to understand why she is the way she is. cause idk if i said this before but its gotta be more than the just her enviornment to shape her into this and i think i figured out just the thing the do it. My biggest issue now is creating compelling villains to face her cause i firmly believe that a hero needs great villains to define her character.

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