New Marvel Comics Teaser...THUNDERSTRIKE!

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"The World Still Needs Heroes"
It looks like Marvel Comics is gearing up for it's reintroduction of Thunderstrike in November.  The title is the saying that is present on the Thunderstrike mace that Eric Masterson used to become the hero of the same name and the image clearly is Thunderstrike with a blacked out character in the background.  This teaser seems to answer my previous question on whether this mini-series will happen in the present or the past, as it seems to imply the present.  I personally think the blacked out character is Eric's son, Kevin Masterson.  What do you all think?
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I saw this and genuinely got excited.

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Heck yeah baby!! He is back, but it looks like it looks like his son Kevin
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Yes! Can't wait. =)
@Bloodstonefreak said:

"The World Still Needs Heroes" 
Love this line.
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But will the lightning bolt earring return as well?

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Written by TOM DEFALCO
Cover by RON FRENZ
A proud legacy continues! Eric Masterson was the first to wield the enchanted mace called Thunderstrike and he
 sacrificed himself to save the world. But what happened to the mace? Has it been lost for all eternity or does the world still need heroes? Has the time finally come for someone else to follow Eric’s journey and take on the mantle of Thunderstrike? Join us as the Marvel Universe welcomes back the everyman Avenger, THUNDERSTRIKE! Guest-starring Steve Rogers, 
Sharon Carter and the rampaging Rhino!
40 PGS./Rated A ...$3.99

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There is only One Everyman Avenger. That is Eric Masterson.

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