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I was a huge Thunderstrike fan back in the day. So naturally I picked-up this new series of Kevin taking the mantle of his father. I do have to agree with both Adamwarlock and Blurredview on how the series could have been better as far as writing goes. Tom Defalco is one of Marvels greats and I expected a lot more from him. I did appreciate the series for all the action it had. A lot of writers now a days tends to over dramatize the character in battle, like say Matt Fraction on Iron Man. A good ol’ throw down in every issue was reward for once. Yet, the story never quite reached its potential. I do have to disagree with Adamwarlock on Kevin’s rebellious teenager behavior as being more of a nineties like. There is no difference in rebellion, just the music and technology has changed. Overall, this series gets a 4 from me. I do hope to see more of the character, especially in what I think is the best Marvel series right now, The Avengers Academy.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am glad you like tom Defalco he is my favorite writer

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