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Bloodaxe is back at work disrupting the work of criminals and trying to locate Seth. Bloodaxe is beginning to feel that working with Masterson (Thunderstrike) may be possible in the future.

Masterson is reeling from a recent stalemate in a battle with Seth. He has been marked by Seth for death. Eric's personal life gets even more complicated as Booby Steele wants to make amends with him and Jackie Lukus wants to move forward with a more intimate relationship. Eric search for Bloodaxe is going nowhere, at one time he suspected Bobby Steele. He then begins to trail Gary Paretsky who is acting funny only to run into Susan Austin and Ed Marrero who are also acting suspiciously.

Nearby, Jerry Sapristi is attacked by Mongoose and Quicksand who have staked out the construction site where Masterson often works. Bloodaxe arrives first on the scene and save Jerry. Bloodaxe would have killed Mongoose if not for Thunderstrike's interference. Mongoose is defeated by Thunderstrike and Quicksand is defeated by Bloodaxe. Bloodaxe is defeated and revealed to be Jackie Lukus. Thunderstrike takes the executioner's axe and goes after Seth.

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