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Thunderlord has aided Black Canary dimantle a bomb in Taiwan. He also aided Thunder and Lightning in Vietnam during the Crises on Infinite Earths. Thunderlord, Wild Huntsman, 
and Tuatara are brainwashed by The Queen Bee of Bialya. Thunderlord stays loyal to the queen even till her death by Sumaan Harjavti. The few Justice League members who traced their firings to the queen unintentionally get Little Mermaid killed in the crossfire between them selves and Jack O Lantern. The Guardians pursue the Leaguers through The Queen Bee's complex and eventually locate the brainwashing center which is detonated by Sumaan. 
The Group of Gaurdians and Leaguers team up and defeat Sonar. 
Fain Y'onia an ancient enemy of Dr. Mists' begins to injure, kill, and take the powers away of the Guardians. The remaining Guardians meet in Arizizonia to defeat Fain. Thunderlord dies  
from a direct energy blast from Fain. Statues of all the fallen Guardians are are built to honor the fallen.

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