Thundercats Episode 19: "The Pit" Discussion

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Lion-O and company come upon a Dog City where they unexpectedly find a cat: Pumyra. This comes as a surprise since they believed all the cats were enslaved by Mumm-Ra, but an even greater surprise is that this cat has no love for Lion-O and, in the end, he's forced to face the cat down in a death match — and she's not pulling any punches. Meanwhile, Panthro runs into an old friend turned enemy, Dobo.

I really liked this episode even much more than the last one "Survival of the Fittest" there is so many things I liked in this episode but let's start with the beginning - many waited this episode for Pumyra' introduction to the series myself included and while I didn't like her at first because she sounded like she is bitch torward the Thundercats I actually liked her because she is not without reason to dislike them in the first place. She thinks they left Thundera when the Cats needed them most and for once we know what happened to the Cats since Lion-O embarked in his journey. She also gives new personality to the female characters in the series; we had Lion-O and Tygra's mother (the gentle high queen who is dead now), Cheetara (the kind and motherly Cleric) and Wily Kit (the rambunctious and spunky kid); Pumyra in other hand is much more headstrong, violent and even ready to kill Lion-O rather than support him (at first). Granted I watched the original series as kid, she barely made a appearance there and we never knew much about her. If she joins the team, she probably will butt heads with Cheetara more than Lion-O and Tygra. Also we learn what happened when everybody thought Panthro was dead in the first episodes; he was actually forced to fight as gladiator in the Pit alongside a Jackal named Dobo. When he learned he would have to fight Dobo to death, he ran away to protect his friends. On the other hand, Dobo thinks that Panthro left him to die and now he is the new Pit ringleader. Both these storylines mirror each other very well and I wish this episode was two-part because the writers obviously struggled to cram as much exposition and fighting at the same time (considering the series is heavy on plot but really light in exposition). Also the inclusion of more Thundercats was foreshadowed because Pumyra mentioned several slaves being taking to work in a mine. Note the next episode name include a very popular villain in the original series, I am really excited for what is going happen next week.

Next episode is Curse of Ratilla.

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Haven't watched it yet. Will tomorrow.

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Thought it was a pretty good episode. Pumyra didn't sound as masculine as she did in the previews and her weapons were pretty cool. The only problem I had with it was how the episode ended. I'd like to know if she joined their team. I'm guessing yes, but really idk.

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