GS Review: Thundercats episode 26 What Lies Above Part 2

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The Good: Overall, this was a fantastic way to end the season and first half of the series. The deception, the heartache, the DRAMAAAA. Ok but seriously it was awesome. The action in the season finale was great. Tygra really showed his intelligence as an aerial combatant. I still kind of find dues ex machina that he just learned how to pilot the ships but it was awesome nonetheless. Cheetara was a straight up beast and I'm glad she is as powerful as she is. Her blitzing through multiple transport ships with utter ease was awesome. Kit and Kat had a great moment getting all the help so it was good to see even them being used. Most of all, Lion-O was a beast himself. When he was ripping through transport ships with that massive laser blast, I went wide eyed a little bit. Lion-O's fight with Mumm-Ra was great. It's good to see Mumm-Ra being a threat. Him and Lion-O were pretty close matched for once. Mumm-Ra's been a roller coaster in the new series. He's gone from real threat to his 80's jobber self on multiple occasions even when he was amped up. So I'm happy he is back up there. With him being more powerful now I find it great the season ended the way it did. Lion-O's growth as a character has really shined in this series. He isn't the same spoiled, head in the clouds kid or the love struck kitten anymore, or at least as bad as he was in the end of the mid season and beginning of the second part of the 1st season. Obviously he will be down for awhile but he didn't mope and went ahead realizing what is more important. Which gets me to the plot twist. Pumyra's betrayal. I didn't see it coming really and I guess now she is robbing the grave as Mumm-Ra's "beloved". Good twist.

The Bad: Nothing. I think the season ended with a bang and put the characters in place where they needed to be. Mumm-Ra is a threat, Lion-O is on his way to becoming a great king and uniting the animals and we have a Grune-lite replacement.

Final Score: 10/10.

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Berry kool <3

#2 Posted by God_Spawn (39646 posts) - - Show Bio

@Fuchsia_Nightingale: Thx.

#3 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10191 posts) - - Show Bio

@god_spawn: <3

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Lion-O can't seem to catch a break. I thought the main character is supposed to get the girl. I felt for him when Pumyra betrayed him.

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Love the episode but i was kind of bumed they made Pumyra an enemy now. I mean during the old 80's show they didn't use her as much but when i watched the new one i was glad they was finally use her more. I'm just hoping that this change won't be perminate. And hoping at least become good again.

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I have a feeling Pumyra will return to the side of Thundercats, her betraying Mumm-Ra will likely be a crucial factor in how they defeat him.
So the series is half over, its been pretty good so far, its almost like a highly sci-fi version of a literary hero, like King Artur and such.....good stuff.
Now I guees Bengali and Lynx-O will join, perhaps even Snarfer

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@cattlebattle: I'm pretty sure Lynx-O is dead. He was the one who became general when Panthro and Grune were sent to find the Book of Omens.

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Did you see him die on screen?? If not, I am willing to believe he is alive.

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@cattlebattle: Not that I remember. I just consider majority of the Thunderians dead lol.

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@god_spawn: A lot of them were revealed to be alive though....the ones working for Ratarro specifically, I don't think they would have Lynx-O in a ll those scenes to just never have him show up again, he was integral in the last season of Thundercats.
Braille board FTW.
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@cattlebattle: I just looked it up on the wiki. It said his fate is unknown so it is possible he is still alive.

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the bad is that they bring a show back after 20 years and then kill it :(

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@Metatron_Da_Don: I haven't heard the cancellation is official yet unless it happened within the last 2 days. I know it is on the verge but they are recording the second half as we speak in case.

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@god_spawn: They are recording? Carry on then. Hopefully they do air it. It was one of the better cartoon shows out there.

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