GS Review: Thundercats ep. 20 "Curse of Ratilla".

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The Good: This episode was awesome. The action was great, the visuals during some of the fights was fantastic like when Jaga and Ratilla clashed swords with the Sword of Omens and Sword of Plun-Darr. Tygra's dialogue and trying to play it cool constantly with Cheetara was kind of funny, providing a few good chuckles. Ratar-O was pretty cool in the episode too. I really do hope he comes about again. He was a good challenge for Lion-O considering Mumm-Ra has been pretty much disappointing as of late in the series which is something that I thought had changed from the original series in the beginning. They did mention he was underground again so I am expecting a chance of that happening. Oh and Pumyra is staying on the team so awesome stuff on that, the ending last week didn't really confirm it so I'm glad it did. The episode did everything it had to. It pushed a storyline, the action was great and old characters showed up and had a great, modern twist.

The Bad: There wasn't really much I didn't like. The only thing I personally didn't like is the lack of depth on Tygra's new whip since I'm a huge Tygra fan and some of his lines with Cheetara were cheesy but I think they had to be.

Rating: 9.5/10

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cheesy is always needed.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: But too cheesy?

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@god_spawn: Cheesy is forgotten, next week he'll do something cool or cheesy so you'll forget about this weeks

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: He only does cheesy only so often, but when he does cheesy, he does cheesy.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: That is a very obese cat and I am. I laughed despite it being cheesy.

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@god_spawn: ^_^

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This was a cool episode, this show either hits hard or doesn't hit at all. It was great when Lion-O deflected the eye of Rataro, big fanboy moment for me as it recalled the original series. Can't wait to see more from the sword of Plundarr

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Thanks for posting this godspawn. I hurt my toe yesterday and I couldn't watch the episode, much less review it. This was a really nice episode for we saw Jaga' past, Ratar-O is really badass (specially his voice) and I like that Pumyra is hanging around with the team and I hope in the near future she hooks up with Lion-O. I think its best you review the series rather than me in one week and you in next one XD.

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