Thunderbolts movie: Who would you cast?

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Howdy y'all! 
A while ago my brother and I where talking comicbook movies.We ended up talking about how badassed a (New)Thunderbolts movie would be, and who we'd like to see in it. 
So now I'm wondering who you all would like to see in a Thunberolts flick. 
I'm going with the New Thunderbolts on this one, and here's who I'd cast: 
Moonstone - Daryl Hannah 
Norman Osborn -Tommy Lee Jones 
Bullseye - Christopher Meloni 
Swordsman - Charlie Hunnam (not sure If he could pull it off) 
Radioactive Man - Ian Anthony Dale (if he can bulk up a little) 
Venom - Lee Tergesen+a f*ckload of CGI (After recently watching the entire run of Oz again, I think he'd be briliant.) 
Songbird - ...I got nothin'. 
Penance - Edward Norton 
Doc Samson - Josh Brolin 
Run wild! 

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you got some good choices but most of them seem a little too old, plus isnt Radioactive Man chinese?

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