Thunderbolts' Marvel Now Line-up Revealed

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hulk,elektra,deadpool same team.FUCKING GREAT AS WELL

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@obscurefan said:

While on the one hand I do think this team makes sense, like I can understand all these characters working together, on the other hand it just doesn't seem like the Thunderbolts. It seems more like some black ops assassination team rather than a group of villains working as heroes, which has been to me what the main idea behind the Thunderbolts is.

This is exactly what I said. I like the line up but its not quit the thunderbolts.

Im guessing Deadpool, Punisher & electra got arrested & forced to be in the Thunderbolts initiative.. mabey

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I really don't know what to think of this book. On the one hand it does seem like an interesting, albeit odd line-up.

I can totally dig Red Hulk and Venom working together. Loved the interaction they had in the Venom series, seeing as they both have military background. Punisher does seem a weird choice, seeing as he doesn't really work with team members. Deadpool, I don't know what to think. I love Deadpool, but I really can't see him working together with the likes of Red Hulk and the Punisher. I mean, these are two deadly serious guys who probably won't put up with Deadpool's shenanigans. Unless this Deadpool will be written like he is in Uncanny X-Force (which I doubt, seeing as the writer is Daniel Way). Elektra, I couldn't care less about.

Then there's the creative team. I hate Way for what he's done to Deadpool as a character. His Deadpool run wasn't complete crap, it was decent, but it rarely was good. His Venom run made me want to bit off my own head. I can't see him writing characters like Red Hulk or Punisher at all. Plus I was hoping he was finally finished with making Deadpool into a clown. Dillon I'm not that familiar with. I've heard a lot of bad things about him though, and after checking out some of his art online I'm not enthusiastic either. Though I think I could definably live with it.

I guess I'll give it a shot and buy the first issue, but this title will probably be a hit or miss for me.

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