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I'm trying to catch up on the major Marvel story arcs. I've read up through Civil War in most books, but have read through Utopia in X-Men. I am currently reading older Thunderbolts, starting with the New Thunderbolts when they reformed after Avengers Disassembled. I've tried reading Thunderbolts before, but for some reason I can't get into them. I think it has to do with the fact that no one on the team trusts each other. I know that Dark Reign is very heavily based in the Thunderbolts so I want to get their background so I can understand and enjoy Dark Rein better. Can anyone sell me on the Thunderbolts?

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Thunderbolts is a fantastic book; all of he diverse and clashing charctes really make for interesting and exciting interactions.  Luke cage leading a group of reformed or not so reformed supervillains.  What isn't appealing about that?  The current roster is amazing: Ghost(James Marcus(, crossbones(Brock Rumlow), man-thing(Ted Sellis), moonstone(Karla Stephon), Juggernaut(Kane Marco), Mach-V(Abner Jenkins).  If you're not reading the book, you definitely should

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If Buddy couldn't, no one can
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@N7_Normandy:  Thanks for the input, but I just started the New Thunderbolts, which is happening around the time of House of M and Decimation. So I'm looking for some selling about the old roster. Even though I loved New Avengers, I hate Luke Cage, so that doesn't sell me on the Thunderbolts either...
@jordama: The problem with Buddy is that we don't always agree on everything, but we've both sold the other on different things. With the Thunderbolts, he fell in love right away. I'm struggling to get through the first TPB. He's told me that I'll like it, but it's taking a lot just to get into it. I'm just looking for others' input to see if anything will entice me and get me into T-bolts mindset (AKA clinically insane).
I know that the team has gone through many rosters and many of the Thunderbolts have been killed. I don't know who, so please don't spoil it for me. Does anyone have any input like which story arcs are good, which characters I'll like, etc??
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@Copper:  i think that you will like them personally, you just have to get to the 3rd trade. the fourth is a quick read,  I enjoyed the 5th the most b/c its like a Giant chess match, and you dont know who to be cheering on b/c everyone is good and everyone is bad. its very interesting to see how things are brought together too.
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Osborn's Thunderbolts are really awesome. It's really cool seeing how manipulative that the team can be to make the society they're destroying deem them as heroes. 
Madmen & Monsters is an amazing arc. If you wanna see some c-string characters dismantle a-string villains-turned-heroes, read this arc! I bought this trade with no idea what the thunderbolts were and kept on with the series since.

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