The new Thunderbolts. Love em or hate em?

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OK I'm a little biased on this one just because I was thrilled to death to see the Porcupine(yeah I know he's not Gentry) return and actually become a member even though he was forced. Only to last a few issues along with other characters I always loved like the Whirlwind and original Beetle armor to name a few. Now they and Zemo's team are replaced by the likes of Venom and Bullseye. Issue #110 starts out with Bullseye murdering a father and son. That really turned me off. Murder is real but do you have to have a cold blooded murderer in a so called super hero book and make him a super hero? How can you respect that? I think marvel is slowly losing their minds. I know Venom is popular, and being on the Scorpion makes him even more interesting, but Bullseye is just an all out psychopath. Bring back Zemo's team and the new forced recruits. That's my opinion anyways.

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