Should Moonstone get a different costume?

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It's just something thats been bothering me i all.

I personally prefer her ms Marvel outift which i thought was a nice change from the original old one. 
Ofcourse when Dark Reign was over she wasn't going to keep the outfit or title but i thought she might at least mix in the Aveners outfit with her
old one. 
 Now that i've seen her in red and black the yellow and white just don't cut it with me anymore.  
What do you think?
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I honestly don't know much about Moonstone but in comparison to the two pictures...I like the red and black one better.

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she doesnt remotely  deserve to have ANY aspect of a TRUE hero like Carol Danvers in her costume 
deedited for grammar 12/11/2010    
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Well, I like the yellow and white one, it definitely sets her apart from other women.


Then again I don't know who really wears a white jumpsuit/catsuit. So whenever I see those two colors, I think of Moonstone.

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I prefer her Thunderbolt Vol 1 costumes (with helmets).

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@comkid100:  I think a little mix of the red/black; yellow/gold wouldn't be so bad. Although I don't know how they would make it work, I think keeping the classic Ms. M costume but giving it few tweeks wouldn't be a bad thing for her.
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What about a combination of both suits

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Say what? 
Needs to be more skin.   
-Freeze frame high five-
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I like her old White & Gold costume

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I like this one....I kid...

I actually like this one. She needs Deodato to draw her again.
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@Jake Fury said:
I like this one....I kid...

hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yeah!
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i think you need to research a little further back then Dark Reign. Moonstone has a line of costumes, all great.
and she always incorporates yellow into the costume. thats part of Karla's personality. i wouldn't mind a streamlined
version of the one shes wearing now though.

#12 Posted by Theodore (3607 posts) - - Show Bio

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Though I loved the Dark Reign one, it's not her.
The Silver and yellow one just seems to match her ego.  It's almost like she's a pufferfish attempt to intimidate others.  It sounds weird, but she does seem to be larger when she wears the silver suit.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt:  Actually she did during the Thunderbolts Vol 1 run, before Ellis reverted her back to her original persona.
Karla's always been manipulative, but she had some redeeming qualities while she was with Hawkeye.
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@Theodore said:

The 3rd was always my favorite.
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i know that she used to, but shes just done too much. 
or at least it feels that way too me.  maybe i can be convinced otherwise
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I wouldn't mind a new costume for her. She could use a new look since she is trying to change from her old life

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See, here is the thing for me. Even if i LIKE a costume, I get bored with it, & after a while I just want something new for a while. So, for me, I'd like to see her alternate between her red,  orange/white, purple/yellow, & white/yellow outfits. Maybe create an alternate version of all of them to reflect her Ms Marvel suit, the bathingsuit, thigh high boots, etc, but in her colors. but replacing that star shape on the chest, much like  chowy did.
I mean, after fighting, the suit has to be all sweaty & damaged, why would someone have dozens of the same outfit. Some, like Batman might, yeah, but if you dont need to be all stealthy, why not have some varity?

#19 Posted by COBRAMORPH (1798 posts) - - Show Bio

comkid100 said:  hmm u raise some good ideas but if a change of outfit is temporary and they go back to their original, how do u feel about that?  
 I dont mind at all. Let me give you an example with Spiderman. I knew about Spidey as a kid, the costume, I watched the show with him, Firestar & Iceman. But the first comic I got was with scarlet-Spider. So, to me, THAT design is my "original" costume. You see what I mean. To others, it was the black suit. Others the Iron-Spider. I also have more Spidey2099 comics than regular spidey.  
I tell this to my friend all the time. He watched the X-Files when that show was new, & in the past year, another friend of ours has started watching the show. We always talk about how the show wasnt the same with the cast change. However, while I had watched a few episodes with Mulder & Skully, I started watching the show regularly when the new agents were added. I always say to them, "to me, THEY are the real X-files characters, because that is when I watched." When the new movie came out, my first question was, "are the newer characters in it?"
I rented the Shattered Dimensions game a few months back, & first thing I did was unlock some alt costumes for 616 & Noir to use instead of the "default" I would have done the same for the others & unlocked more but I only had the game for a week & I also needed to unlock combos, which is IMO a real weakness for the game, as alt costumes should have been unlocked in a different way.  I also am a person who just gets bored quickly with things. My reasoning is also IMO the best way to make all the fans happy.
 My only real guideline is if I like something or not. You need new stuff, but you shouldnt ignore the old. But it has to be done properly. & as I said, a proper reason to use an older suit is that the original is dirty. 
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After Dark Avengers..I would rather they just kill her off...
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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
she doesnt remotely  deserve to have ANY aspect of a TRUE hero like Carol Danvers in her costume  deedited for grammar 12/11/2010    
Don't worry about that man, she already is a better character than Carol Danvers.
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@Feliciano2040 said:
@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
she doesnt remotely  deserve to have ANY aspect of a TRUE hero like Carol Danvers in her costume  deedited for grammar 12/11/2010    
Don't worry about that man, she already is a better character than Carol Danvers.

sure, whatever  as long as she keeps that "better character" in her own damn costume
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She sort of got a different costume in Golden Age Thunderbolts arc.

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I only know Moonstone through the latest iteration of Thunderbolts, so I have no problem with her white and yellow costume.

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well her Ms.Marvel costume was pretty cool but I would like to see a new costume

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