Daniel Way Hands "Thunderbolts" Off To Charles Soule

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EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Way Hands "Thunderbolts" Off To Charles Soule

Fri, March 29th, 2013 at 11:58am PDT

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When your primary foe is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe, you need to be incredibly powerful, though not necessarily in a way measured by physical strength. For example, the Hulk's longtime foe the Leader has demonstrated time and time again that his gamma-powered intellect is more than a match for the misunderstood hero's strength. In fact, the villain's wealth of knowledge is so vast, not all of it is able to fir in his enlarged cranium.

The starring characters of Marvel's "Thunderbolts" series -- Red Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool, Venom and Mercy -- made this discovery at the end of the series first arc, and they weren't alone. In issue #7, series writer Daniel Way and artist Phil Noto kicked off the second arc, setting the team hot on the heels of a mysterious mastermind who has absconded with some of the deadly knowledge that the Leader stored remotely.

When that arc comes to a close with July's issue #11, Charles Soule ("27," "Swamp Thing") will take over the book's writing duties for two issues designed to spotlight the team's members. We spoke with Way, Soule, and "Thunderbolts" editor Jordan D. White about their plans for the series.

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