Avg Readers' Reception of Gage's Thunderbolts.

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I'd read a little bit of Thunderbolts here and there, as at times the title has interested me. Gage's work I'd seen on it, as well as some of his (rare) work within other titles has actually impressed me to some extent, which is why I thought he'd be a nice person take the helm for the title after another recent shift in writers. However, I've read some of the reviews on his new take of Thunderbolts, and while nothing's been phenomenally bad, it's scored almost consistently as mediocre (these are reviews portrayed by IGN's staff). I currently have two subscriptions to Marvel titles, (I don't drive and live in a hick town) but am actually thinking of canceling one of my titles, and having Thunderbolts be a prime candidate regarding having the remaining issues of other subscription being transferred over to some other title. With that said though, I just wanted to gain some insight on what the avg readers thought about Mr. Gage's work, and if they'll say if it's a title to still consider pretty great with regards to the current creative team. I do know about the SI tie-ins before everyone starts mentioning that might be a reason not to subscribe, but otherwise what other reasons should I know about regarding why or why not I should make the decision to have my remaining issues be brought over to Thunderbolts. Thanks in advance everyone.

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Can someone please take the time to read this and answer me here? I don't want to waste what's left of the money I spent on something completely based on a whim.

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Dont believe anything IGN says their a site full of morons who wouldnt know a good comic if it slapped them an their mother in the face.

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Jake Malcom said:
"Dont believe anything IGN says their a site full of morons who wouldnt know a good comic if it slapped them an their mother in the face."
Ign reviews suck.

Anyway his Thunderbolts is great.
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I preferred Ellis on it but I find Gage worth reading. I think he has a good handle on the characters. That includes their longer histories/overall personalities and what's currently going on with them as decided by their previous writer. The art's not as good but it's still ok. Dunno how much that matters to you but I thought I'd mention it. 


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