Who is the other lady?

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So I hope if you are here you have read the new Thunderbolts 1 from Marvel NOW! I like the characters and look forward to how things progress, albeit very wearily... Personally I wish they'd have kept the Thunderbolts more inline with the heroic age issues when Cage took over the team. Maybe with Songbird as the new leader, but drawn normally(didn't like the short hair or the crazy shaved side look...) Also hope they keep ghost in stories somewhere, I really like him too. Anyway...

I'm curious though.. Is the purple haired girl part of the team? And who is she?

There is the page that kind of shows the four other characters besides Castle and Ross, which shows Venom, the purple haired lady, Deadpool, and Elektra. So I am assuming the team will consist of these 6 people but I don't know who she is and her face is darkened out on that page. Though I suppose it is the lady earlier in the issue shown fighting the Hulk.

So yeah, who is she? Will she be part of the team or maybe the first villain?

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Okay, so after I posted this I noticed Mercy is in the character credit list and I guess it is safe to assume that she is the purple haired lady? So I'm not very familiar with her. The four panel page that shows the four characters still kind of makes it seem like those four people are on the team, or at least connected. So the question still kind of remains, even if it is Mercy, is she going to be part of the team? Or a villain?

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