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Zemo the Barbarian? A vicious struggle for control of the family barony is being settled through crossed swords, when Helmut Zemo is yanked through time again -- to post WWI Germany where he meets his Grandfather for the very first time...and learns of his family's involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler! Meanwhile, in the present day, researcher/Zemo hater Wendell Volker finalizes his plans to return Helmut from his time-tossed state... and all it requires is a little Zemo blood... okay, a LOT of Zemo blood...


Zemo has jumped to the time of Baron Hobart Zemo, tenth in his family lineage. This Zemo is under attack by assassination attempts. He is actually trying to find solutions the problems of the people that are trying to kill him. Zemo knows his assassination is inevitable but continues to help protect him. He knows he won't die on this date unless history got the date wrong. As he tries to shoot a killer approaching Hobart, Zemo feels himself being drawn away. History did get the date wrong.

Zemo now finds himself in 1932 by his grandfather, Baron Herman Zemo. German soldiers are fighting against the British and Union Jack (James Mongomery) is there. Zemo prevents Union Jack from striking his grandfather and soon begins trading punches with him. As Herman and his soldiers run towards them, Union Jack throws Zemo at them. Herman strikes Zemo across the face for allowing Union Jack to escape. Next they prepare to fire mustard gas on the British. Zemo begins to see his grandfather in a different light as he watches him and his soldiers celebrate their use chemical warefare.


After Castle Zemo "popped out of thing air," the German authorities have quarantined it as the lawyers fight over who owns it. Wendell Volker has been given permission to tour the castle along with a local policeman and Interpol agent. Volker comments on how in all his research, he has yet to find a Zemo worth respecting. He knows that Zemo is coming back. He believes it is inevitable. When asked what his research is about, he responds that it is about power, who has it and how they wield it. He kills both the policeman and agent. He says he has to be waiting for Zemo when he comes back. He says it's all about the blood. He feels he has no choice but to do these killings. He stands among at least a dozen dead bodies.

Back in 1932, Herman is boasting about the defeat of the British. Zemo tires of listening and begins to leave. Herman notices and asks where he is going. Zemo apologizes and says he does not like to listen to tales of toxic gases and the effects they have because of what he looks like under his mask. Herman then wants to study Zemo to better understand the potential of science. Zemo is outraged and grabs him. All the soldiers' guns are on Zemo as he begins to feel a chronal pull. Knowing he cannot let anyone see him disappear (since there was no mention in his grandfather's journals), Zemo jumps out the window just in time.

Zemo now finds himself closer to "home." To his surprise, he finds Baron Heinrich Zemo and his scientists being congratulated by a visiting Adolf Hitler.

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