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Zemo continues to travel through time. When the alien gemstones were destroyed, a temporal vortex was created. He now understands that it sent him back in time and he is slowly making his way forward along his family lineage. Since his time with Heller (last issue), Zemo has also been to 1556, 1640, and 1710. Judging from the growth of the trees at Zemo Keep, he guesses that several decades have passed. Seeing a young couple, Zemo discovers that the man is Hilliard Zemo, eighth in line and that he must be in the early 1760s. He also realizes that the girl Hilliard is with, named Elsbeth, is not his future wife.

In the present, Wendell Volker continues his research for his thesis paper on the Zemo lineage. He is visiting with an ancestor of Elsbeth. She was unaware that her family was nearly destroyed by the Zemos. Elsbeth was in love with a Zemo but their relationship was forbidden because she ws Jewish.

Zemo tries to tell the young couple how foolish they are for a love that is destined to not happen. Later he makes his way into town and purchases a new outfit to fit with the time. He witnesses the delivery of a message that the current Baron has been killed in battle. Hilliard becomes the new Baron. He soon is told about a new reform that will give the Jews and peasant payment from his family coffer. Meeting with Elsbeth, he asks her to leave and convince her entire family to leave. He says if they stay, his family will be crushed and his lineage will end. She then tells him that his lineage is inside her.

Zemo continues struggling trying to remember what occurs at this point in history. He soon realizes that Elsbeth family is about to be slaughtered. Making his way there on foot, he is only able to save her. He tells her to leave and never come back. The only way her seed will survive is if she keeps it as far away from Zemo Keep as possible. Hilliard never knew that she survived.

In the present, Elsbeth's ancestor is shocked to hear of this account. Her family never knew of it. She asks if Volker has any proof that she was pregnant with Zemo's child. Volker says he doesn't have anything concrete. His way to verify the theory is to shoot her with a gun found in the rubble where Zemo disappeared. He says the gun and her blood will bring Zemo back.

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