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The team being led by Hallie come to the castle she escaped from,believing it to be Dr. Doom behind the experiments. However as they sneak in they are joined by Hallie much to Citizen V's anger, who then orders Techno to create mini cams so their battle can be witnessed by the world,to continue their charade. They then begin a battle with a horde of monsters, before Atlas knocks down a wall where they learn the master of the experiments is Arnim Zola and not Doom. Techno then begins transmitting the signal to various television stations across the country as the Thunderbolts renew their battles against Zola's forces,while the mayor announces he's petitioning the state to give the Thunderbolts the same security clearance that was once possessed by the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.While back at the castle the Thunderbolts destroy the castle's last defenses forcing Zola to combine all of his mutates into one being. However Hallie stops the Thunderbolts realizing there her friends as she tries to reach them, however only resulting in the monster exploding as Hallie refuses to kill Zola and promises he will rot in jail for his actions with her actions being broadcast nation wide. While in a post battle interview, Meterorite manipulates Zemo into inviting Hallie onto the team for her own purposes, which Hallie readily accepts taking the name of Jolt.

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