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In the middle of the night, Halie Takahama escapes from her captors into the woods,while back in Manhattan Mach-1 delivers a burglar to the police lying so that he can keep the stolen goods for himself. While at Four Freedoms Plaza Zemo chastises Mach-1 for almost exposing their deception, while the team is alerted to Black Widow in battle with the Masters of Evil much to the teams confusion. However upon arriving the Crimsion Cowl manages to blind the combatants long enough for the Masters to escape much to the Black Widow's frustration who warns the Thunderbolts to stay out of her way. The Thunderbolts then begin to check the warehouse the Masters attempted to enter,before destroying it to deny it from the criminals. While several days later Zemo is finally successful in using his contacts to track down the Crimson Cowl,While Mach-1 finally talks to Songbird about their kiss which ends in another kiss before being stopped by the general alert alarm.The team then meet with the Masters of Evil again beginning a battle on the docks,which ends with the Thunderbolts victorious although the Masters of Evil manage to teleport away.Afterwards Black Widow successfully captures the merchants, as the Thunderbolts are drawn back to their base by an intruder, Halie Takahama who has arrived looking for the Fantastic Four.

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