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Don't call me "sir"

The first issue of Thunderbolts wasn't brilliant. It was more of a letdown, and, unfortunately, this one is even worse. The writing isn't really great and the art is, at best, ugly and lazy. This series does have potential. I mean, Rulk, Venom, Elektra, Punisher and Deadpool in one team? That's probably what I have ever dreamed of, but the plot is boring, not to mention forced. Wade and Elektra run away from a few guards, and when they dive in the water there's some sort of submarine waiting for them?! Come on, that's just dumb. And why the hell was the team formed in first place? It seems that this series is a cash-grabber. Way put up the most badass and awesome characters in a team, but there's no explanation of why it was built up or why someone like Frank Castle would join.

There is a lot of action here. It's always nice to see Flash cutting off arms and legs, but, honestly, it's not fun at all here. You see, Dillon's art is terrible, so the fighting looks absolutely horrible. This comic would get a least an additional star if there were another better artist.

Overall this was a pretty bad comic. The writing is mediocre and the art is ugly at best. I'd normally drop the series after such a bad issue, but the team is so badass that I refuse to do so. It's sad to see a series with such potential go downhill like that :( . Thunderbolts #2 gets a 3/10.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

You've got the writer and the artist mixed up. Daniel Way is the writer, Steve Dillon is the artist.

Posted by tomlikesfries

@The Mighty Monarch: Ugh, my bad. Was a bit sleepy when I wrote the review.

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