jonesdeini's Thunderbolts #164 - Golden Age Thunderbolts review

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

The Bolts convince Cap and Namor that they're legit but when they're called in for backup to take down Zemo will they risk undoing their own futures?

The Good

I'm not familiar with Joe Quinones, but I really got a enjoyed his work on this cover.

Kev Walker pencils are always, always, always a good thing! Glad he's back and hope he sticks around for the foreseeable future. Walker and Parker truly are the team that's come to define Thunderbolts for me. They compliment each other so well and are truly some of Marvel's most talented and consistent creators.

Love those little Daily Bugle intros from Daredevil and I was pleasantly surprised to see one opening this issue.

Everybody's golden age costumes looked really great. I especially liked Boomerang's bomber pilot look and Satana's Betty Page homage. And the way walker renders Troll's reaction to Moonstone's little comment sums up everything I love about his pencils.

Speaking of Troll, she's totally awesome and I'm glad she came along on this trip. Her introduction to Cap and Namor really put a smile on my face.

It really is the little touches that separate a solid team book from a great team book. And Parker most certainly understands that. Moments like Moonstone's reaction to them being Fixer's team and the moments with Hyde and Troll are the seemingly insignificant happenings that make this book such a joy to read.

There's a moment here between Cap and Centurius that was comedy gold!

Chicks just dig Namor, especially the half demon chicks

The more I read of Boomerang in this book the more I like this guy.

Walker draws a great Red Skull and his cameo was a nice surprise.

The Bad

Towards the second half of the issue the coloring appears a little washed out.

The Verdict

This is a definite and highly recommended buy! Thunderbolts is definitely in it's groove here and is a consistent reminder of why I love comics. Walkers script is tight, humorous and just pure fun from end to end. Kev Walker's art is a style all his own and perfect for this book. He and Parker really are an amazing one, two punch. If you haven't been reading their run on this book you really have been missing out on some of the best work coming out of the big two.

Posted by longbowhunter

Troll is great. I loved the scenes with her and Hyde. Glad someone else mentioned Cap and Centurius. I commented on how awkwardly hilarious that moment was on the staff review.
Posted by JonesDeini


Man I love how Parker nails stuff like that. That moment's right up there with his "Ninja, please" from the Shadow Land arc.

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