harleyquinn12's Thunderbolts #162 - Profound Ways review

Fear Itself isn't bringing the Thunderbolts down.

I've been complaining about thunderbolts lately. Fear itself seems to be spreading in to so many Marvel books right now, and just running the concept of the event into the books, and these creators haven't gotten a chance to tell good stories when being overwhelmed by crossover tie ins. This issue proves that Fear itself can't bring down the thunderbolts. 
What was good? 
The frog people are just the kind of crazy fun that this book needs. The plots in recent issues have been pretty sub-par, and there's really no stakes. However, in this issue you can feel the tension between the characters, and the action is high octane. Valentine De landro and Matthew Southworth share art duties on this issue, and I didn't even notice the change. Defintley the mark of good artists. Their styles play off of Kev Walker's and Declan Shalvey's before, but have their own bold sleek style that compliments the story. the newest team member satana, is essentially just there for me to hate her, and Parker is doing a good job of that. I can't stand her, and I suppose he succeeded in that. I can't say I'm a fan of Songbird's either, and Parker does a good job of making you love to hate these characters, And Ghost is really fun in this issue too. A lot of people noticed the Man Thing joke in this issue, and I really thought it was funny. 
What was bad? 
The dialogue sometimes felt randon, as if the characters were shouting out everything they needed to do. Sometimes that style of writing just doesn't fit in a story like this. 
Yes, my one complaint was a small nitpick, but it really bothered me. This issue was great nonetheless, and i would recomend it for fans of the Thunderbolts, as well as people who have never read them before.
Posted by Decept-O

Good review. While I've not read any Marvel for quite some time its good to have reviews like this one to help out. Like I state to some users who do reviews, I like it when effort is made to explain what the reviewer did or did not like, instead of just saying "I didn't like it".

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