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Good fun!

I'd jumped off Thunderbolts a few issues ago, Dillon's art (everyone looks the same) and Way's predictable writing left me disappointed with the lost opportunity of this book. I then accidently ordered I think it was issue 14 where the next team member gets to pick their mission, this piqued my interest. I'm glad to say I'm back on board.

This issue has got great pacing, each member of the team get's a moment in the book and nothing feels forced. The whole yarn is really enjoyable and a wonderful contrast to Hickman's high concept avengers books. I mean I'm loving infinity but this was just fun. The punisher is great, deadpool is funny, Electra is bad ass and Flash is shown to be a forefront member of the team. We get humour without obvious cliched jokes and as you'd expect with a team like this they get to 'f*ck sh&t up!'

The art was jarring at first, I didn't expect it but I really came to enjoy that too. Thing is I'm a Bachalo man, if you don't like Bachalo then it may be you don't like the art here. It's not meant to be realistic but what it does do well is get across body language.

This book is never going to be a masterclass in comic writing Uncanny X-Force or Secret Warriors, not with the premise and the team. What this is, is good old fashioned comic book fun. Count me in


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