dark_noldor's Thunderbolts #157 - None Shall Survive the Incarsicus! review

First Mission

It´s so interesting that Fixer (who apparently has a different agenda than Cage), Songbird, Mach V and U.S. Agent selected a new team for the Thunderbolts, called the Beta Team, made of by Mr. Hyde, Gunna, Shocker, Boomerang and Centurius, also it felt right that while Cage´s team was dealing with the menace of Baron Gothenvald back in a castle in Germany, the Beta Team was assigned for their first mission, unfortunately the whole transition from a story (Cage´s team) and the other (Beta Team) was rushed like the creative team didn´t have much time because they needed to squeeze the Fear Itself story in the next issue, so this was the bad thing about this issue - in the other hand, though I´m not a big fan of two artists in the same book, I really liked how Shalvey´s art and Walker´s art coexisted in harmony, instead of one of them stealing home base of the other, out shining it - the designs for the monsters in the Baron castle, the threat in Iraq, the character´s costumes, all amazing art - This issue was best for the things that took place in the Baron´s castle, it was awesome seeing the T-Bolts´most deepest fears crawl into them, especially the ones that put one member against the other (leaving Juggernaut in bad sheets - I don´t think it was fair what happened to them) - so this issue wasn´t as shaped and structured (solid) as the others, because it was rushed (not the art), but the dialogues and the narrative lacked a more steady pace, but that doesn´t mean that this issue was bad, not at all, I still believe this ongoing series is one of the best being published by Marvel and I hope that Fear Itself doesn´t ruin this thing! Highly Recommended!
4 out 5


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