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I dunno, something about this issue, to me. I love the B-Team Thunderbolts idea, and the recruits thereof, but I don't know, this issue fell flat for me up until the end. They followed up on the "occult" storyline of the A-team, and it was really unsatisfying, to be honest with you. The formation of the B-team and their first mission, along with the T-Bolts writing team clearing Juggernaut up for being involved in Fear Itself was okay, but I'm not sure, I was just underwhelmed with all of it. Maybe with a little time and development, they'll win me back, but hopefully, this  isn't the start of a downward trend in the T-Bolts. Also, the "Incarsicus" that was touted on the cover is an interesting concept, but I wasn't a huge fan of it. Overall, unless you're a diehard T-Bolts fan like me, I'd say give this one a miss. It's good, but it's not great. The art was up to the usual standard, though, so if you're big into that, it works.

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Posted by CombatSpoon86

Feel the same way about this month issue, but I thought it was still great. I didn't get the Incarsicus thing either although it was entertaining. So the B-team was Shocker, Gunna Troll, Hyde, Boomerang. There was one more I could not identify though, Does anybody know who that was?

Posted by spankymac314

It's a guy named Centurius. To be honest with you, I don't know jack about him, either. Even his Comic Vine article is REALLY vague as to who he is and what he does.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

thanks i still haven't found anything about him either, what series does he usually appears in?
Posted by spankymac314

Well, just digging around through his appearance list here, the only books he's ever appeared in more than once are an old Hulk book, and the Thunderbolts.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

wow talk about a very low key villain, he looks like a c-lister to me

Posted by blackkitty

Centurious: First appeared in Ghost Rider #74. He's really old, can summon demons, has magical powers and he can steal souls through a magical crystal. The person you couldn't identify Combat was Shocker, who's fought Spider-Man several times.

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