dark_noldor's Thunderbolts #156 - Proving Ground review

Interviews and a Ghost Castle

In another mind blowing issue, Parker delivers an amazing story, balanced divided between action, humor and elaborated dialogues, all that coming to life with the spectacular art of Kev Walker, that fits so well in this book - I´m loving this ongoing series and even though Cage may not be proving to be the best field leader ever, the way that Parker sets the pace of the story by writing different characters interacting in different situations is a brilliant strategy and narrative structure to make things more enjoyable for the reader - what I´m saying is that the fact that Parker decided to keep the Thunderbolts program open for new convicts is a leverage for the plot, since it allows a break in the action and field mission, putting other characters that don´t usually stands from the others too much, like Fixer and even U.S. Agent to play a more important role, while in the meantime Cage and the others are kicking ass in another crazy and dangerous mission - in doing the narrative this way Parker mantains a dynamics and a cool rotation in the dialogues, making this issue a must in your pull list - this is awesome reading, especially now that Satana joined the team - if you´re not reading this book you´re missing a lot! Highly Recommended!
5 out 5


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