jonesdeini's Thunderbolts #154 - Adventure into Fear review

Thunderbolts #154

The suits come in to voice their concerns about The Man-Thing, meanwhile Jennifer Kale shows up to spring Man-Thing from The Raft and restore the guardian of the nexus to his rightful home? But What does he have to say about all of this? 
The Good 
This issue highlights Man-Thing, which is something I've been waiting for, for a while. We rarely get to see the Swamp Walker in action so it was nice to see him square off with some interdimensional invaders, even if only briefly.  
Man-Thing doesn't have any dialog so all the other characters speak for him or better yet about him. Jennifer reveals his bio to Luke and Songbird and Luke and Songbird's speculations about his nature and motivations helps to provide some possible answers to the many questions surrounding the mysterious creature.   
I liked how protective Jennifer was of Man-Thing. Despite not knowing much of the character or their past relationship, I could sense a genuine bond between them. It was also nice to see all the members of the Thunderbolts program sticking up for Man-Thing. I also liked the discussion between Jennifer and Songbird .  
The appearance of  a certain Avenger on the last page makes me very excited for next issue. 

The Bad 
 Not a fan of Declan Shalvey's fill in art this issue.  
The hunters of Vellus-Kar didn't seem very threating as antagonist. I couldn't really by them as viable threats to Earth's population. 
This issue is a quick read and not a lot really happens.  
The Verdict 
If you've been reading this title and have enjoyed it thus far then go ahead and buy this issue. If you're a fan of Man-Thing then you'll also probably enjoy this comic. If neither of the former descriptions apply to you this is a skip. Nothing particularly terrible or great about this issue. It's an enjoyable, albeit brief, read, but certainly not an essential one. It's a solid comic but is basically filler and the story exists solely as a vehicle to introduce a new member to the team. 

Posted by Osiris1428

I came on to this title because of Luke Cage. He is a much better leader here than in New Avengers. It will be interesting to see what happens when 'Fear' gets here seeing those solicits with a powered up Juggernaut makes me wonder if he will ever stay a good guy.

Posted by JonesDeini
Of course Juggy won't stay a good guy, he isn't even one now. He's better bad anyways in my opinion. I quit New Avengers, cuz Bendis' writing got stale to me. My one consistent complaint about this title is that Luke Cage doesn't make me feel like he's leading this team effectively. Each issue I've read I've noticed that a member of the T-Bolts will step up and direct traffic after cage ineffectually screams out orders. 

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