mtharman's Thunderbolts #154 - Adventure into Fear review

Man-Thing just isn't magical enough for the Thunderbolts.


Knowing how dangerous Man-Thing can be for others, this issue would explain how he and the Thunderbolts dont see each other as a threat.

I would say it’s about time Man-Thing finally gains some spotlight within the Thunderbolts and actually has more of an explanation as to why he’s within the team of Thunderbolts.

Personally, I’m a major Man-Thing fan, more of the original storytelling within his very own series. When I first heard that Man-Thing was making his appearance within the team, it was without a doubt that he would be one of the most curious members during his stay with the Thunderbolts. However, unlike most of his team members, there tends to be questions rising as we begin to wonder why hasn’t he attacked any of the other Thunderbolts? Or why does he choose to stay with the team when possibly leaving at any time? Why does he take a liking to Moonstone? And most of all, why isn’t Man-Thing being the guardian of his swamp anymore?

Questions like these that find themselves all answered within this very issue of the Thunderbolts.

I can clearly see what Parker was trying to do within this single issue, and of course after seeing Man-Thing hardly doing anything until the last minute, I can also see how he was trying to knockout two birds with one stone. Mostly this issue is focused on two things, Man-Thing and the build-up of introducing another new team member. There is a nice little action scene that Man-Thing properly gives, and a special guest for those who were into the Man-Thing comics like I was.

I can safely say that Parker did manage produce another well-crafted issue of the Thunderbolts that successfully defined Man-Things role within the Thunderbolts. Much of the same attitude for artwork, I’m beginning to think that Frank Martin is stealing the show over Declan Shalvey with his ability to bring out the environment of this issue with his coloring. Even though I’m mostly not the one who prefers to judge by the artwork, but I can suspect that Shalvey was meant for the Noir themed comics with his display of artwork.

Thunderbolts #154 is a nice addition to the Thunderbolts storyline and to be added within your pull-list or comic collection. With Man-Thing serving more spotlight and having his role within the Thunderbolts being properly defined, this is one issue that shouldn’t be missed out on if you’re into the Thunderbolts. Naturally I would give this issue a 4 star rating because of how it mostly consisted of explaining Man-Things role, less action that was randomly thrown in, and then the small hint of a new member. But personally I give this issue a 4 ½ star rating because of how Parker successfully displayed one of my most favorite Marvel monsters.

Thankyou for reading and HAIL COBRA!!!!    

Posted by longbowhunter

LOVED THIS ISSUE! This and the Ghost spotlight issue have been my favorites.
Posted by Trodorne

MT, do you have a THING for Man-thing? ah ha. i was more of a juggernaut fan myself. he was a simple character dynamic that worked well with the team. he gets out of prison and kicks the crap out of the bad guys.

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