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The committee overseeing the Thunderbolts operation pays a visit to evaluate the logistics of continuing to use the Man-Thing as their means of transportation. Cage and Songbird have nothing but positive things to say in Man-Thing's defense, but a stack of reports of various incidents of people injured by the Man-Thing don't help matters, and it's not looking good.

During the deliberation procedure, Man-Thing's old friend and ally, the sorceress Jennifer Kale sneaks into Man-Thing's habitat and sweeps him away back to the nexus of all realities in the Florida Everglades, his prior home. Her purpose is two-fold: first, the liberation of her friend who she sees as being taken advantage of, and second, because creatures from another dimension have stumbled into ours through the nexus, and, without the Man-Thing there to guard the area, have begun killing innocent people in the area.

Man-Thing makes short work of the invaders, sending the survivors packing back to their home dimension. Crises averted, Man-Thing teleports back to his habitat at Thunderbolts base of his own accord. Kale follows, trying to reason with him, to no avail.

Back at the base, Cage and Songbird discuss the matter with Jennifer Kale, and manage to convince her that, for whatever reason, Man-Thing seems to like being on the team and does indeed wish to stay with them. Satisfied, Kale departs.

In the end, the vote comes through from the committee in Man-Thing's favor, but they express concern about the team's vulnerability to magic. The issue ends with a projection of Dr. Strange, indicating that he will either be joining the team temporarily or merely assisting them in the recruitment of a new, mystically oriented team member (who, previews indicate, is to be Satana).

Note: Inside the issue Greg Land and Dan Brown are wrongly credited as cover artists.

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Swamp Walker 0

Like it happened in issue # 151 (it was a story about the character Ghost), this issue is more dedicated to the Man-Thing, telling a little about his past and how he´s important as nexus of all realities - I think it´s awesome that Parker intercalates some arc stories with cool and backgrounding stories about the Thunderbolts´members, but unfortunally this wasn´t well executed as Ghost´s story - perhaps because to explain Man-Thing´s importance, the writer decided to create a story about aliens ...

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Man-Thing just isn't magical enough for the Thunderbolts. 0

  Knowing how dangerous Man-Thing can be for others, this issue would explain how he and the Thunderbolts dont see each other as a threat. I would say it’s about time Man-Thing finally gains some spotlight within the Thunderbolts and actually has more of an explanation as to why he’s within the team of Thunderbolts. Personally, I’m a major Man-Thing fan, more of the original storytelling within his very own series. When I first heard that Man-Thing was making his appearance within the team, i...

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