jonesdeini's Thunderbolts #153 - King Hyperion, Pt. 2 review

Thunderbolts #153

The Tbolts on Giant Monster Action continues and King Hyperion faces blow back for his treachery last issue.  
The Good 
I like the prospect of Gunna joining the team 
Ghost's CPR routine on Moonstone and Mockingbird is humorous and lecherously creepy all at the same time.  
The Juggernaut's brawl with King Hyperion is great. It's a visceral, bare knuckle brawl and it's thoroughly satisfying from start to finish. The way Hyperion deals with the Juggernaut's momentum powers is something I have to admit I've honestly never seen before.  And Walker's art work makes this battle all the more delightful.  
The way Ghost convinces Moonstone to go save Juggy from Hyperion is oddly heartwarming. When Ghost says "But..he of us." I can't help but think of the family bond that Flash's Rogues share.    
Do not screw with the Thunderbolts. They ARE NOT heroes and what they do to Hyperion at the end of this issue makes this clear. Can't say the prick didn't deserve it though.   
The Bad 
Still waiting for Cage to step up and really lead this team.  
The way the giant monsters are dealt with left much to be desired for me. Seemed like plot convenience removed their threat more than anything.  

The Verdict 
Buy this comic! 
Parker's Thunderbolts run has been a fun action packed ride and continues to be so. 


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