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could it be?

I've been fairly skeptical about this series because the characters have no history or dynamic together and for 11 agonizing issues they did absolutely nothing other than ruin a perfectly good character. either ways issues 15 doesn't really grab me that much either, in fact i don't like it that much at all. I can't blame this one on charles mostly because way left the series in such an abysmal condition that it basically had to be built on top of crap. sad, but true nonetheless.

the Art isn't all that impressive to me as it doesn't seem to work with the coloring, maybe i'm being picky and to judgmental, so i'll just say that I do not like the art, it's Way to Cartoony and the character body proportions are too bizarre.

The writing again seems to be dodgy. I like the idea of each character choosing a mission of their own, and i like that Punisher is having the team Help out on his agenda against an untouchable crime family,but the characterization is at times just bad and sometimes good. I can safely say that Deadpool is in-character completely, he is at times serious yet goofy, which is as you know, exactly how he should be. His goofiness is not overdone, and he seems to be more like his counterpart from the current deadpool title. Ross is also in character, he seems to be acting like the red Hulk i know and like. he's a Soldier but he can respect the wishes of others.

Now comes the rest of the crew. While punisher acts like himself(which is good) i found it difficult to believe that he'd put his agenda over the fact that there is an alien invasion happening, while i understand however that this story is meant to juggle of these elements, i'd wish they would have done it in another way. Punisher got the information he wanted, he could have finished that job later, so why would he choose the Mafia Family over saving people? he's a Jacka$$ i know, but isn't his whole Agenda to clean the streets for the people? so what's the point if the people are slaughtered by aliens. Moreover, having elektra act the way she did seemed way out of character for me, she's a silent ninja so her using the "sex appeal" move just seemed off.

And then there's Venom who, while protesting, still Chose punishers side because he was threatened by frank that he wouldn't help out on Flash's Mission. Wha? Flash would choose his own agenda over the people he protects? the Biggest Spider-man fan? decided that he was more important that saving others?

I still hate The Leader but here i seem to have seen as spark of the Leader i like, which gives me hope that the leader will be back, the real one. Though this could be much better than it is, the elements are good but it needs to be fleshed out and executed in a much better way, which we haven't achieved yet.

Recommendation: only if you like the characters.

Posted by ogg927

I think Charles Soule is doing a great job on the story. The problem for me is the art, I'm not a fan.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

@ogg927 said:

I think Charles Soule is doing a great job on the story. The problem for me is the art, I'm not a fan.

so far i'm not convinced of that.


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