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Operation Bambi -

Summary: We start the issue with the team taking down an adorable, homicidal cow that has been infused with gamma radiation. The team then moves on to their headquarters (I think it's awesome by the way, that the team's HQ is a sub) and they commence drawing names for the new mission. Punisher's is chosen, and they head out to conquer a formidable gangland operation. They get news that the Avengers have left Earth, and Rulk and Leader stay behind to head up remote tactics while Deadpool, Venom, and Elektra join Punisher for the field team. As they start to head out, we pull back to see Earth, and the approaching alien forces...

Good: Everything! Soule and Palo inject this book with some much needed heart and humor. I know that this is a team of the most dangerous people in the MU, but I felt like past arcs got bogged down in how frowny and serious everyone is. Here, we see the team interacting in a much more organic way, and I feel like Soule is really nailing the individual characters. I liked Elektra having a lot of face and dialogue time in Way's run, but I appreciate her more being more quiet here. Palo's art is a huge shift away from what we've had before, but I think his art is more expressive and evocative.

Bad: Where the hell is issue 15? I need it now!

Posted by Damian_Arrows

this was a nice beginning to what will hopefully be a fun ride.

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