k4tzm4n's Thunderbolts #135 - Widowmaker, Pt. 3 review

Step aside Avengers, the Thunderbolts are running the show

Have I ever told you I absolutely love Andy Diggle? Because I do. Warren Ellis had a nearly flawless run on the Thunderbolts and it felt like no one would ever be able to even near its level of greatness. However Diggle not only picked up the title, but he completely slapped Ellis out of the way and made it his own. So what is one of the first signs of knowing a title is great? For me, it's when you have barely any interest in the characters, yet you find yourself emotionally attached to the story and love nearly every panel. Now, I'll stop drooling about Diggle's writing and get right to the issue...

So the REAL Black Widow and Songbird are on the run from Osborn and his new Thunderbolts, hoping to find safe haven with Nick Fury...Extremely well paced conflict ensues as they encounter Wolverine's old foe, Mr. X. and of course, the Thunderbolt's are slowly approaching. Even more well-paced conflict ensues...And then bam, the ending hits you with not one, but two shocking moments.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next issue to see what happens...The ending is almost too surreal to believe. If you're not following this series, I suggest dropping one of the many Wolverine or Deadpool titles to give this one a shot. Seriously, you're missing out if you're not reading this one.

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