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Lord Have Mercy -

Summary: This issue focuses on Flash, Mercy, and Ross. After confronting Mercy, Venom decides it's finally time for Ross to tell him why she's on the team and reveals what she did in Kata Jaya. Ross relates Mercy's tale after she was released (which is confirmed as prior to putting the team together), which includes a jaunt to a mountain temple where Mercy is impersonating Kali and performing mercy killings for her followers. It is essentially revealed that the reason Mercy is on the team is because Ross promised her that the formation of his team would provide her much death to feast upon, which almost makes it seem as if he chose the members of this team solely due to their tendency to be surrounded by death. As such, Ross doesn't really have control over Mercy, and it seems that she hasn't quite figured that out yet.

The Good: Soule continues to provide superior writing, and Noto's lines are cleaner than during his prior arc. I may be reading too much into it, but I enjoy the prospect that this team of murderers was partly put together in an attempt to control - or at least supervise - Mercy. Flash finally doesn't come across as being a passive aggressive douche (imo).

The Bad: Despite Soule's writing, I still just don't care about Mercy.

Overall, I am looking forward to him writing the whole team with next month's issue, which is also their first tie-in to the Infinity event.

Posted by ogg927

I think that Charles Soule is a great writer, loved his work on Swamp Thing. This book is finally shaping up and Phil Noto's art is fantastic.

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