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A super hero community torn by civil war! A super-villain army united under the control of one very dangerous man! A game of cosmic proportions whose very escalation will both save and damn the planet Earth! And finally, a betrayal that will tear the Thunderbolts... and quite possibly, the entire universe...apart!

In Germany, The Thunderbolts stopped the Grandmaster, but failed to prevent the energies of the Wellsrping from blanketing the globe. Hundreds of thousands of civilans have been transformed into out-og-control super-powered madmen, and the Thunderbolts Army, recently recruited by the U.S. Government due to the events of the Superhuman Civil War, fought across the world to stop this onslaught.

The only way to save the innocent empowered civilian pawns was to retrieve the Grandmaster from his temporal exile. The only one who can do that is Zemo. But by bringing him back, though saving millions of lives, the Thunderbolts would also be giving the Grandmaster exactly what he wanted.

The decision was made to help the innocent and deal with the Grandmaster as a consequence. Now that is a decision they might be regretting.

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