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Way Losing Steam Again -

This second arc started out much stronger than the first, and was accompanied by a refreshing change in artist. We're now at a point, however, where it feels like Way is trying to do too much with too little time, and it makes the issue very mediocre. We have the team splitting up both find Elektra's brother and find more info on Vanko, which gives Venom more time to whine. His character is quickly becoming the most annoying. Elektra's arc doesn't fare much better, as they avoid ringing phones only to find out that apparently Leader's consciousness or what have you is trying to contact them. What?! Oh, btw our generic religious terrorists have a built in override on the Crimson Dynamo armor that they are now sending after Orestez since he killed Vanko. There is one issue left in this arc, and I have no idea how Way will wrap it up in a concise, meaningful manner.

There's a lot in this issue that just doesn't quite make sense, and that doesn't flow well at all. Also, I hate to be the one to say it, but Noto's art is starting to feel very lazy on this arc. I really, really hope the Soule/Palo change is far superior to what we've been forced to deal with so far.


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