Who the heck is The Red Hulk

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Now I have heard rumors before that the Red Hulk is in fact Doc Sampson, and with me being new to the site there may have been a Blog on this already,but I mean what is the truth behind this I mean the real truth.... I know it's not Bruce Banner transformed.

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it's general ross.
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I think you're about a year behind

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Hulk #24
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Back in my day, the Hulk used to be green...
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Thanks all...

not a big Hulk fan but it did come up in the house with my son and I couldn't think of the answer off the top of my head so I'm guessing that the Red She-Hulk could not have been anyone else but Betty, his daughter?....

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@greenlight1107: Yep.
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@greenlight1107:  since you're knew to the site I thought that I would help you out a little
you can find this in the top left corner and you can type in any character you'd like and it will take you to their bio page and tell you everything you need to know....the nice thing about the search is that if you type in someone's alias it will take you to their page even if it's not their full name....like if you typed in "Red Hulk" then it would take you to General Ross's page
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OK thanks...... I also heard that at one point The Green Hulk turned blue? Anyway my son doesn't care what color he is as long as he doesn't turn Yellow.....:D

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But why does he lose his moustache when he transforms, dammit!!?
The only thing that could have made Red Hulk slightly tolerable.

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@Thor's hammmer said:
it's general ross.
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Thats a good point, yeah where the heck is his mustache?

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@fesak said:
Red Hulk slightly tolerable.
Pigs will fly in bat-planes before that happens.

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