What is Thundra's Deal with Kissing Rulk?

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This is a topic that has been egging me for ages. I even "asked" Jeff Parker about it via a blog comment once.

All Rulk readers know of this. Back a while, Red and Thundra made a deal to help get her back to the future to conceive Lyra. She then smooches him, seeming as a way of thanking him.

Excuse me, isn't Thundra the one who steals male DNA from kissing them? For all we know she genetically engineered another baby from stolen Rulk DNA!

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Eh. At least a villain Hulk. *wishful thinking*

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In my fan fic, Frozen Planet, Frozen Heart, I try playing with the idea of a "villain Hulk". Either a monster generated directly from Rulk's DNA, or how about introducing a brother or sister that wants to kill him out of the events of his career into becoming a general. Maybe have them turn into a beast like this guy or something:

The Dante Beast from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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