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Never got into Red Hulk or really knew much about him. Just read Circle of Four as an attempt to introduce myself to some new characters who were of interest to me -- I actually really loved Remender's Ross. Is he always written that way, or usually written badly? If the former I don't see the hate, he was pretty cool.

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I enjoyed Jeph Loeb's run on Red Hulk. However he annoyed some fans with actions like Red Hulk hitting Uatu the Watcher. When Rulk first appeared he was the antagonist. The people that hate Rulk are the ones who stopped reading the book. They missed all the personal growth into a anti-hero. It was further developed in Jeff Parker's run which was amazing IMO. For an indepth look check out the video.


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@theacidskull: Did you read Jeff Parker's run with Red Hulk. That was some really great character development.

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