Should Rulk have brought Thor along for Mayan rule?

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There practically his distance family & when your fighting gods it makes sense to bring one of your own... just a thought

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Thor is either on vacation now or having to still deal with the fallout of Fear Itself, so he's useless in this case. Plus the Mayans seem more vicious and advanced than even the Asgaards, so he'll be wiped out very easily by one of the Gods, let alone all 3-4 of them seen so far.

It's a similar case as to why Green Hulk isn't getting off his gamma butt to actually help Rulk out in preventing a global apocalypse (or even why he hasn't made one. single. appearance in AVX yet.)

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: too advanced? Thor would get wiped out?... You don't know to much about thor's power do you? lol

& hulk has his own problems besides.. Red hulk & Hulk would never be friends seeing as how they have been enemy's since before ross went red.. also Hulk doesn't see eye to eye with the avengers ether .. might have something to do with them launching him off world letting him build a family & then bombing & killing his family... but hey what do i know lol

however i think he is coming to avx in the later issues i saw a scan of him

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Read the comic?

R. Hulk and co. clearly didn't know what the problem was before it was too late. It's not like they could've stocked up on Thors and Hercs.

Also the book is called Hulk. Not Hulk featuring Thor.

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The Hulks have worked together on occasion with civility. Doesn't mean they have to be friends, but there is no longer that " I'll kill you randomly" edge that plagued both of them for their entire comic runs. I mean, Red Hulk's buddies now with A-Bomb, a kid that he thought was nothing more than a nuisance and a loser for many years before the events of World War Hulks.

Hulk never saw eye to eye with the Avengers, even in the 60's. He left after issue 1 for crying out loud.

Thor in himself is still relatively young and a warrior. Technology is anathema to him with the exception of his hammer. The most tech he's ever seen is the dimensional gate and the Destroyer. The Aztecs are far older, far more evil and are Nazis when compared to the Asgaards. The Asgaards want to help, the Mayans in the Rulk series want to rule.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: I understand what your saying but To say that thor would get wiped out is crazy.. i mean what we've seen like what.. two issues of these mayan gods what feats do they have that can compare to thor? thor has powerful earth manipulation powers because of gaia & thats farrrrr more powerful than yum kaax, he can manipulate the weather to a much stronger degree & on a planetary scale with & without his hammer better than ixchel has shown.. plus thor has killed two all fathers & he has wounded glacatus before... what have they shown to even be close to that level of power?

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*looks at picture, leaves disapointed at how much of a group of pussies Marvel seems to think the Mayan Gods are, just like all gods they write*

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@X35: the books not called hulk featuring alpha flight ether but they came along for the ride why can thor?

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@DATNIGGA: Because Thor already did just a few months ago.

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Lol, always love Rulk calling Thor a hippie.

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Mayan Rule was awesome!

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