IS the Red Hulk as Strong as the Hulk?

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Is he?

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He is significantly stronger, actually. It took Hulk and Thor's combined efforts to defeat him.

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yea he is  right he is  stronger

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I'd say he's just a walking P.I.S. character who'm Loeb's having fun with to curb his dimentia ;-)

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Physically Rulk is stronger than Hulk but he has much weakpoints so he goes down .

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He's not. It's just seems that way cause how his powers work. He could never reach the limits of WWHulk.

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this is the same as Herc....

herc is stronger than hulk  ALL THE TIME save for when hulk goes to his extremes. in general Herc is far stronger than Hulk.
Same for Rulk hes stronger than by not just a little by a TON once again save for Hulks extreme baby tanturms! LOL

Rulk took on and made quick work of THOR and HULK I am not will to say Rulk beat THOR but I will say he dealt with him quickly same for hulk.
Rulk also took on all those female powerhouses and gave em HELL.

Rulk is a force

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speedlgt said:
this is the same as Herc....herc is stronger than hulk  ALL THE TIME save for when hulk goes to his extremes. ... [more]
not sure about this one I just know that Hulk has appeared stronger in the last couple of Hulk comics over the year.
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to me i say their evenly match the only reason rulk won most of them was cause he still had his intellict but he so what stronger but the difference between him and hulk is the rulk get hotter when he get more angry and he able to keep his intellict unlike hulk who begins to talk like a 4 yr old

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Think of Rulk as a beefed up Doc Samson. Now before you all jump at me on that, let me share my logic.

Doc Samson is as strong as a calm Hulk. Rulk is clearly a lot stronger. But as it says in the comic, he gets hotter as he gets angrier. as oppose to Hulk who gets stronger as he gets angrier which means Rulk can never truly reach the levels of strength Hulk is capable of. The Hulk has never been stronger before or after the moment just before Stark hits him with the satelite during WWH. Theres no doubt in my mind that Rulk would get pwned by Hulk just after he finds out what Miek did during WWH. He stomped the ground in Manhattan and helicopters hundreds of miles away almost fell out of the sky.

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Red Hulk gets weaker if he overheats. The angrier he gets the more his body temperature rises and he eventually gets weak from all the heat.

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Hulk. if hulk was in his green scar mentality he would have stomped rulk.

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Red hulk is stronger than the savage hulk at base level but not as strong as WW hulk by a longshot.

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Base strength he's stronger. If Hulk in a "calm" state can lift 100-200 tons, the Rulk can lift 200-500 tons. However, Green Hulk gains strength over time while Red Hulk keeps his strength the same.

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@superhulksmash: What issue is that from?

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Red Hulk and Hulk haven't gone at it in a long time tho. I think if they had a rematch Hulk might not need Thor's help anymore, considering Red Hulk doesn't absorb energy anymore.

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They'll never match up, unless Hulk gets possessed again. Ross is done with hunting or even smacking the Hulk around after the events of World War Hulks/Fall of the hulks.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Please, heroes get into fights all the time for no reason.

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Knowing Big Green and Red, a simple yo mama joke would send them into a barroom brawl.

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I'd say they are about as strong as each other now. I mean the avengers went crying to hulk to help then but why would they do that if they had red hulk wich they did. This kind of thing depends on the writer the reason why rulk was so strong to begin with was not only the ability to absorb energetic but because he had a lot of military training and experience.

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Hulk's stronger Rulk's smarter. It's fair.

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Hulk is stronger than Rulk

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@SpaceBall98 said:

I'd say they are about as strong as each other now. I mean the avengers went crying to hulk to help then but why would they do that if they had red hulk wich they did. This kind of thing depends on the writer the reason why rulk was so strong to begin with was not only the ability to absorb energetic but because he had a lot of military training and experience.

Yeah and then during the battles, Red Hulk was defeated by Juggernaut Colossus (not possessed by Pheonix Force) and Hulk was able to use Emma Frost as a rag doll (possessed by Pheonix Force and only split between her and Cyclops.) near the end of Avengers vs X-Men.

I would chalk that up to inconsistent writing but I also feel as though General Ross trades some strength for intelligence as Red Hulk seeing as how he can talk in first person, and in complete, coherent sentences. Whereas Hulk still talks like Tarzan. Hopefully that will change though...

@Oscars94 said:

Hulk's stronger Rulk's smarter. It's fair.

This ^

Which is kind of silly considering how Bruce Banner is one of the smartest men on the planet and General Ross is nowhere near that level of intelligence. Banner has really just accepted The Hulk though as seen in the Indestructible Hulk #1 and #2.

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Red Hulk was stronger but that was under Loeb and under him he punched Uatu.Right now Hulk is stonger than Rulk.

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red hulk is stronger than hulk when banner reverts to hulk but red hulk does not have the strength enhancing abilities that hulk does so in the long run red hulk is no match for hulk

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Red Hulk is stronger than a moderately enraged Savage Hulk who he was able to fight and KO, Ross was also able to beat Abomination who was stronger than a base Savage Hulk.

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speedlgt? i have to disagree with you, hulk is stronger and can beat well he already beaten hercules, anyways as for red hulk? he was more powerful when he had The "Loeb-Force" however after his lost against WB Hulk, he seems to be depowred at this point, well im out bye.

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@theacidskull: I respectfully disagree. If Rulk was a pre-existing character who was consistently shown to be able to fight off foes like say Colossus as an example and then floor the Marvel Universe like Rulk did. Sure i would agree with you. This however isn't the case. The Case is this was a Brand new character at the time and EVERYTHING he did during so is what he should Naturally be able to accomplish as this is what was shown.So him being able to Floor, Hulk, She-Hulk, OF- Thor,Ironman Etc are all Natural to him regardless of who likes it or not. Its not bad writing per say. So yes Rulk is significantly stronger than the average Hulk and unless he is exhausted are he is battling a special version of that character e.g World Breaker Hulk its Bullshit to be beaten by them under normal circumstances. Another thing not to you now but just in general i see someone stated his Base strength was like 500 tons, thats not accurate at all. What is accurate is its over 100 tons natrually thats for sure however its is NEVER specified as to what that Limit should be which gives him the ability to logically accomplish physical feats that he has shown. I woukd however agree that what ever his natural strength level is its below World Breaker Hulk as it was that Hulk that defeated him rather easily. Now can Rulk match World Breaker Hulk? Maybe he could if he uses his absorbtion ability which is Natural to him to amplify himself then its very possible he could either be a equal or even greater match for World War Hulk as an example.Anyways, just my 2 cents. Cheers

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Almost all Hulk villains are stronger than Hulk at his default, but the catch is always that NONE of them keep getting stronger like he does, so he always overpowers them through rage.

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