How he is adjusting to the hero community?

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Remember, before this, he was on the OTHER side of things, a regular human just trying to hunt hulk.

I'd like to see them going into his thought on how he's now joined the big leagues, with all this cosmic and global stuff going on, as opposed to the regular military he was part of before (Hulkbusters aside)

Like, he's taking in all this information a little too well. Before, he was a regular general who mostly only heard about all this stuff through files and reports. Now he's PART of it. Shouldn't this be a lot for him take in? Fighting alongside the Avengers with all the stuff they deal with on a daily basis, going toe to toe with Thor, getting routinely wounded in ways that would kill him before, so on, and so forth.

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Being a commanding officer you have to have to be ready for war. During Jeph Loeb's run, Rulk said that he read SHIELD files on many characters.

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